Board Members

The Millwoods Christian School Society functions as the liaison between Calvary Community Church (CCC) and the Edmonton Public School Board. The two primary areas the board is responsible for are facilities and the Christian content of the school.

The board can have up to 10 members, of whom more than 50% must also be members of CCC. Each member commits to a one-year term which may be renewed on an annual basis.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact Michelle Yarmuch ( for an application.

Doug Zieber Executive Director
Doug Zieber
Executive Director

Doug holds a Bachelor of Theology and has a background in construction management, advertising/graphic design, computer technology and youth ministry. He previously served as the acting Vice Principal of a private K-12 Christian school.

He has had three children graduate from MCS and has been a volunteer on the MCSS board for many years. He is the Executive Pastor at Calvary Community Church and a member of its elder board.

Kathryn Gillespie Chairperson
Kathryn Gillespie

Kathryn has an over 30-year relationship with MCS. She has a unique perspective, as she has walked the hallways as a student, a teacher and a parent of two children who graduated from the school. She has a deep love and passion for the school. MCS isn’t just a school to her — it’s a community whose members are near and dear to her heart. She considers it an immense blessing to have the opportunity to impact students and spread the love of Jesus to all those who enter MCS’ hallways.

Dawn Fox Recording Secretary
Dawn Fox
Recording Secretary

Dawn has been involved with MCS since 2003. She and her husband, Matthew, have six children, all of whom have been students at MCS; their youngest graduated in 2023. She previously served on the MCS parent council as a community member, vice-chair and chair.

Her family are members of GraceLife Church where she and her husband are deacons and participate in a number of ministries including music and the women’s teaching ministry.

She has been a member of the MCS Society since 2012.

Krystle Linic Board Member
Krystle Linic
Board Member

Krystle has served on the Society Board since June 2022. For the last 10 years, her four children have been attending MCS. Krystle has been an active member of the school community through co-chairing parent council, volunteering within the school in a variety of capacities and substitute teaching.

She holds a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Alberta and has taught in K-12 private and public schools in Alberta, as well as at King’s University in the education program.

She is passionate to serve the MCS school community and support the goal of training minds for leadership and hearts for His service.

Paul Eisentrager Board Member
Paul Eisentrager
Board Member

Paul is the part-time Senior’s Pastor of Calvary Community Church. He was previously the Executive Director for MCSS and continues to serve on the administration team.

He and his wife Dawn have been married for 51 years. Both of their children and all four grandchildren have attended MCS.

Patrick Gibson Board Member
Patrick Gibson
Board Member

Patrick has been a part of MCS since 1989. He graduated from MCS in 1996 and has five boys who have either graduated or are currently attending MCS.

He volunteered as a coach for both senior high basketball and volleyball for six years in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

He and his wife are local business owners and are part of the leadership team at Discovery Church in Sherwood Park.

He has been part of the MCSS admin team for many years. His focus is in community relationships, primarily with regards to our sports programs.

Byron Martens Treasurer
Byron Martens

Byron joined the MCSS board as treasurer in 2019. His family has been attending CCC since 2013. He has sat on the CCC Elders board since 2015 and became their treasurer in 2019.

Byron works as the General Manager for a local branch of an international power transmission company. He has been married for 24 years and has three children. Byron enjoys playing bass on the worship teams and working in his garage.