Millwoods Christian School


Calvary Community Church was founded in 1977 at the very southeast edge of Edmonton. The newly formed Mill Wood’s community was just beginning to sprout up and one year later, in 1978, Millwoods Christian School (MCS) was started as a ministry of the church, making it one of the oldest, original schools in Millwoods.

MCS went on to join the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) in 2000, under the Alternative School Program, and the MCS Society (MCSS) was formed at the same time to oversee the Christian programming and facilities for the school. MCSS also works with the principal and the EPSB Superintendent to guide the overall direction of the school.

With a foundation of Christ-centered teaching and values, MCS students have excelled in academics, athletics, fine arts and in loving and caring for others through amazing service opportunities extending from our own Mill Wood’s communities to international countries.

Back in 1978, the founders of Calvary had a vision to train young Christian leaders, and MCS has been faithful to that vision.

Today, over 1,100 people are on the site daily and thousands of graduates have gone on to be leaders in society, their families and churches. We have now even seen multiple second-generation MCS grads.

We are excited about the opportunity of working with our new principal and amazing families to continue to pursue the best that God has for our children and families!

MCS principals:

Allan Johnson (1978)
Larry Breitkreuz (1979-1984)
Ron Cousins (1984-1990)
Dr. Dan Pugerude (1990-1995)
Howard Lund (1995-2000)
Del Bouck (2000-2003)
Frances Kroeker (2003-2012)
Al Lowrie (2012-2015)
Dan Vandermeer (2016-2023)
Wes Myck (Current)

Vision and Mission Statement for Millwoods Christian School

I. Spiritual Foundations

Millwoods Christian School will operate within the framework of an interdenominational and evangelical world view. The central belief to our faith is that all are born in sin and need to accept Jesus Christ as Savior in order to be saved. All who profess Christ as Savior are to live according to principles found in the Bible.

The Millwoods Christian School (MCS) Society will work together with the Superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools to safeguard the integrity of the Vision and Mission Statement of Millwoods Christian School.

A. The spiritual foundation is the reason for the uniqueness of Millwoods Christian School. Therefore, the school will demonstrate its spiritual nature in every part of its operation, with the intent of bringing glory to God. “We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you” (2 Thess. 1:12)

The school will offer several spiritual programs (such as daily devotions, weekly chapels, and annual camps) to both staff and students to reach this goal.

B. Prayer will have a major focus at MCS. “Pray continually” (I Thess. 5:17)

Various groups associated with the school, ranging from Society members to administrators, teachers, parents, and students will all be involved in regular prayer times.

C. Knowledge of God will be promoted at every opportunity. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge… ” (Prov. 1:7)

  1. Staff and student devotions as well as discussions within regular classroom situations will include a focus on the spiritual.
  2. Chapels, retreats and a camping program will include teaching about God.

II. School Atmosphere and Climate

God’s presence and peace will be demonstrated by the atmosphere of Millwoods Christian School. Individuals will demonstrate God’s love for one another, and will seek God’s direction on a daily basis.

A. MCS teachers and students will develop strong relationships between each other

  1. Teachers will lead devotions for every class on a daily basis, and student interaction will be valued.
  2. Teachers will be able and willing to counsel students who are in need of assistance.
  3. Teachers will give extra academic help to students as needed.

B. MCS will honour students for their success academically and athletically, and for demonstrating good character.

  1. Awards can be achieved for exemplary effort as well as academic success.
  2. In athletics, good sportsmanship will be honoured as highly as ability.

C. MCS will provide a safe environment for all students

  1. Students will be taught to respect and care for each other.
  2. Discipline policies will be carried out in a consistent manner so that wrong behaviour will bring about proper consequences.
  3. Each teacher will develop a classroom discipline procedure which is consistent with school policy and district policy.
  4. All students will be required to speak and behave in a manner which supports biblical expectations.
  5. Parents will be expected to assist the school in securing proper behaviour of their children.
  6. Teachers will periodically review discipline procedures with parents and students.

III. Curriculum and Programming

MCS will present a program that gives equal value to the spiritual and the academic facets that make up our school. The Alberta curriculum will be taught from a biblical perspective, regardless of the course that is taught. The goal is to produce students that have good academic skills accompanied by a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

A. MCS will offer a program that combines the spiritual with the academic

  1. The principal will monitor academic achievement and regularly share these results with the Board of the MCS Society.
  2. Students will be taught to do their best in every subject, and that they must achieve at an acceptable level in order to be promoted.
  3. The principal will keep the Board of the MCS Society informed about the spiritual quality of the school, and how the vision and mission of the school is being fulfilled.
  4. Parents will be fully informed of the school’s spiritual and academic programs before they enrol their children in our school.

B. MCS will offer a program that recognizes student differences

  1. Student needs will be addressed in the best possible way, both at Elementary and Secondary levels.
  2. All students will be challenged to excel. To assist students, pace of instruction will be varied as necessary and curriculum content will be enhanced as required.

C. MCS will make program revisions on a regular basis

  1. Technological developments will allow for computers to be used in ways to improve student learning.
  2. Teachers will be provided with professional development opportunities.

IV. Staff

Teaching staff and administration will be well trained academically as well as spiritually in order to carry out the program of Millwoods Christian School. It is expected that each teacher will desire to teach from an evangelical perspective.

A. Teachers will accept the philosophy of Christian education

  1. All teachers will be familiar with the philosophy of Christian education and be able to implement it in their classroom.
  2. All teachers are expected to be biblical leaders and role models to our students by their conduct.
  3. All teachers are expected to uphold and support the school rules and the school’s discipline and behaviour policies.

B. Teachers will demonstrate competency within their subject areas.

  1. All teachers will possess or develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to offer the Alberta Learning curriculum within a program that reflects the vision and mission of MCS.
  2. The Principal will require teachers to exhibit a love of and commitment to life-long learning.
  3. Teachers will evaluate student progress with methods appropriate to the vision and mission goals of MCS.
  4. Teachers will be constantly finding ways in which to integrate faith into learning no matter what subject is taught.
  5. Teachers will be able to demonstrate how their teaching matches the learning styles and abilities of their students.

V. Students

All students who attend Millwoods Christian School will have the opportunity to find Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and to serve Him in a loving manner while in school and in the community. Students will not be required to attend Calvary Community Church.

A. Students will experience the invitation to accept Christ as Savior and to live for Him.

  1. Daily biblical instruction and weekly chapels will keep the focus on spiritual elements of the school.
  2. Spiritual retreats at various times of the year will provide for meaningful times with God.

B. Academics will also be stressed at MCS, but will be taught from a Christian perspective,

  1. All of the requirements of Alberta Learning will be taught, and students will be challenged to do their best.
  2. Achievement tests will be given as per policy, and other standardized testing will be used when needed to determine student progress.

C. Students will be expected to behave in accordance with school policy at all times

  1. All Secondary students will sign a statement of compliance to school policy.
  2. Students will be encouraged to make proper Christian choices when confronted by the need to make decisions.

D. Student leadership will be developed, particularly in the Secondary grades

  1. Grade Six students will be worship leaders in Elementary chapels.
  2. High School students will regularly lead in worship for Secondary chapels, and will be given the opportunity to attend a student leadership retreat each year.
  3. Secondary students will be challenged to become leaders in the community. They will be involved with various service projects that will cause them to be a blessing to others.

VI. MCS Society and Parents

The MCS Society will promote healthy relationships with the parents of our school. We will practice mutual respect, effective communication, enthusiastic cooperation and commitment to this Vision and Mission Statement.

A. The MCS Society will promote the Vision and Mission of MCS

  1. The MCS Society will encourage parents and Calvary Community members to familiarize themselves with the vision, goals, and values of MCS.
  2. Within the policy framework of the Edmonton Public School Board and in consultation with the Superintendent of EPSB, the MCS Society will monitor the overall direction of MCS.

B. The MCS Society will be characterized by open communication, caring interaction, and a shared unity with parents

  1. The MCS Society and administration will publicize policy changes.
  2. Meetings with the parents or with Calvary Community members will be held at appropriate times throughout each year.

C. The principal and teachers of MCS will involve parents in the education of their children

  1. Teachers will regularly discuss all aspects of their students’ education with parents.
  2. Parents will be encouraged to participate in various functions throughout the school year.
  3. School and class newsletters will be used on a monthly basis, and Agendas will be used on a daily basis to communicate with parents.
  4. Parents will be encouraged to volunteer in the school.

D. The MCS Society will promote Christian education in the South Edmonton area

  1. An Open House will be held at least once a year, and visitors will be welcome to tour the school at any time.
  2. MCS will promote the cause of Christian education through local evangelical churches and by advertising in local media.