Letter from Executive Director

Greetings to all of our amazing families and staff of Millwoods Christian School!

We are so excited about a new season for our wonderful organizations and the incredible sense of unity that God has given us for this year.

With a new principal of MCS and a new Director and Assistant Director for our Early Learning Childhood Centre, our plates have been full in navigating these positive changes.

We’ve also re-established a great relationship with our Parent Council and together with Principal Myck, we are moving forward to fulfill the vision and mission of Millwoods Christian School.

A huge component of this partnership is communication and transparency. We realize there is much work to be done in these areas and here are some of the ways we are working on this:

  • We have recently renovated our website and will continue working on improving it and adding information to it.
  • We are adding Parent Council representatives to our monthly Society meetings to help keep them informed.
  • We are working as a team on answering parent questions through public meetings and the addition of a Q & A section on our website. We are also looking at periodic email updates, surveys, and other options.

We want to thank you for your feedback and prayers and desire to make MCS a truly great school. As we continue to work together in unity we are confident that each child, family and staff member will experience a greater measure of God’s love and presence.